Beauty Test Drive: Yotel’s Nail Polish Collaboration With Habit Cosmetics

Sophie and I recently paid a visit to Yotel in Manhattan to check out the quirky hotel chain’s new nail polish collaboration with Habit Cosmetics. Habit is known for their chemical-free approach to nail care, and their Yotel collection is no exception. The polish is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and 5-free. And, it turns out, it’s a pretty solid polish option too.

Price: $18 at Habit Cosmetics, $15 at Yotel New York’s Mission Control

Application: The Yotel collection consists of a rich purple called Lush and a shimmery blue/gray color called Sunset Boulevard. I chose Lush as my base and after it dried, the amazing manicurist added mysteriously intricate accent nail designs using Sunset Boulevard.

Yotel Nail Polish

Results: I’d never tried vegan polish before, and wasn’t sure what the consistency would be like. I figured if we’ve used all those chemicals in nail polish for this many years, they must be necessary and that this stuff would be somehow lacking. After my experience with this polish, though, I’m not sure we need those chemicals on our nails at all — which makes me wonder why other companies haven’t switched over to a healthier nail product yet. Since it’s a little pricey for nail polish, I was expecting really high quality — and for the most part, it delivered. It applied smoothly and didn’t chip for much for a few days. When it did chip, the chips were small enough that I able to dab polish onto those spaces to keep my manicure intact for a few more days. It lasted about six days before I had to fully take the polish off and reapply. What I love most about it is the hue of Lush. Some bright purple polishes dry looking like a magic marker color that a middle schooler picked out (not that I’m opposed to that when I’m in the right dress-up mood), but this is a grown-up, neutral-looking purple. It’s the kind of thing that looks right for the office or a holiday party, and I love that. My only hang-up is with the price!

Rating: 4.5/5