8 Reasons I Am Already Earnestly, Unironically Looking Forward To Christmas

YES. I am READY FOR CHRISTMAS. I have a job that pays me more than $10 an hour, ten hours a week this year (couldn’t say that last year), my overall health is in a good place, I’m determined to enjoy the cold weather instead of trudging through it, and my boyfriend and I are moving into a larger-than-studio apartment at the beginning of December, so I’ll actually have space to decorate.

November 1st marked Day 1 of Christmas-music-only radio stations, and Christmas items are already stocked in Walgreens, so basically, it’s Christmas now. Here are the things I’m looking forward to most…

1. Two months of Christmas music. Why am I the only secular person under 40 I know who likes the fact that we get inundated with Christmas songs for two months? [You’re not! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! — Amelia] That shit is singable, guys. And no one makes fun of you for singing it in public, because you can just counter with, “C’man, get in the spirit!”

2. Orange-anise-and-clove EVERYTHING. Nothing smells like Christmas more than orange, anise, and clove. I made myself orange, anise, and clove hair oil and I’m in the process of making orange-spice brandy that’ll be ready in mid-November. Next up: Soap, air freshener, lip balm.

3. My oldest nephew being in on the Santa ruse. My nephew just got his world shattered: He found out Santa isn’t real. But! He thanked my sister and brother-in-law for all the presents they gave him and said he was excited to play along for his two younger brothers. HEART: MELTED. He is so sweet. He’s going to be a good partner in Santa-ing.

4. Making cookies. I don’t need an excuse to make cookies, ever, but the best cookies come at Christmastime. Not to mention fudge.

5. Tinsel. I also don’t need a reason to put shiny things all over the place, but since everyone thinks it’s tacky during the rest of the year, I will take my excuse and cover everything in glitter.

6. Spending Christmas in Texas. My sister lives in Texas, so that’s where I’m going — we’ll be having Christmas breakfast on their deck; meanwhile, in Chicago, everyone will be struggling to get their cars shoveled free.

7. Planning presents and wrapping them artfully.I like to believe that, at least for adults, I’m really good at picking presents. Figuring out what to get for someone is a singularly satisfying experience, as is making a present look as good on the outside as it is on the inside.

8. Christmas Pinspiration. I am generally too cool for Pinterest, but damned if I won’t be making some crafty, cute, sparkly, festive home decorations this year.

GET PUMPED, guys! You can’t control the outpouring of Christmas-related goods, you can only control your reaction to it. What are you looking forward to?

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