Would You Buy A Typewriter With A Modern Twist?

Would you like to own a twee ’90s-style word processor that looks analogue enough to impress your hipster friends but still has a computer in it so you don’t get the shakes from glowing screen withdrawal? Would you like to sit in your local coffee shop with thick glasses and a furrowed brow, pounding away into the keyboard with abandon as your soy latte gets cold? Look no further. The Hemingwrite is here, named after your favorite brooding hero and ready to whisk you back to the “good old days” of writing when Facebook wasn’t sitting open one tab to the left taunting you with distraction. Jokes aside, I actually think this is a great idea. There’s some kind of nostalgic glory wrapped into that satisfying sound an old-fashioned keyboard makes as you type, and it I imagine writing would be a much more relaxing experience when it isn’t so directly connected to technology. The typewriter does sync your work to Google Docs, Evernote, and the cloud, so it’s not all that technology-free, but it does a better job then a glowing laptop screen. It also brightens my Michigan girl heart to know it was designed in Detroit. What do you think? Could you get into some old-school word processing? [Laughing Squid, Uncreate] [Image via Hemingwrite]