Betty White “Lives On Hot Dogs And Vodka,” Swears Like A Sailor

Betty White is probably the coolest 92-year-old to ever walk the earth, and a new interview in Closer Magazine proves it.

Not only is the spunky prankster still working in showbiz after seven decades of entertaining, but those close to her credit her good health and sharp wit two of my favorite things.

“She lives on hot dogs and vodka,” her “Hot In Cleveland” co-star, Wendie Malick, told the mag. “It’s her secret weapon. I don’t think it’s for everyone — don’t try it at home!” (Note: Unless you’re me, in which case, it’s just another Friday night.)

But that’s not all. A girl after my own heart, Betty’s also apparently got the mouth of a sailor. Lea Thompson, who worked beside Betty on “Stealing Christmas,” says “she can drink me under the table, she can swear me under the table and she can remember her lines better than me. She’s a rock star!”

Basically, Betty is my hero and I can only hope she stays alive forever or starts to age backwards like Benjamin Button. She wishes for the same.

“The fact that people still ask me and find things for me to do, I’m thrilled,” Betty says of her longstanding career. “There are those who think I’m going to be around forever, and they could be right!”