Beauty Test Drive: Nails Inc. Matte Top Coat

When I first got my hands on a bottle of Nails Inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat, my first question was why anyone would even care whether their nails were matte. The matte trend has come around several times these past few years, but it never really made any sense to me. Most of the polish I use isn’t all that shiny to begin with, so wouldn’t a matte look just dull it down even more? After trying this top coat, though, I’m definitely a fan. There’s something understated and chic about a matte nail.

Price: $11, Ulta

Application: The polish is a clear top coat, so I glossed it over some of my favorite shades once they’d dried. First I tried it on top of Essie Yogaga, and a few days later I gave it a shot with a light pink Sephora polish. The matte polish went on smoothly, and the specially designed brush seemed to provide perfectly-sized drops to fit onto my entire nail. It also dried very quickly, and I was amazed by its ability to transform the look of my hands in seconds.

Results: I loved watching the matte look bring something new to the colors I wear so regularly. It made my nails blend in, but in the best of ways. The quality of the base coat definitely seemed to make a difference in how it turned out. The Essie polish has an easier texture to work with, whereas I always end up putting on about three coats of the Sephora polish in an attempt to make it look even. Not surprisingly, the matte seemed to attach to the Essie polish much more easily. I was really impressed with the sophisticated how sophisticated the top coat looked, but it started to chip pretty irreparably by the next day. Because it had another layer of polish underneath it and it caused both layers to crack and peel at the tips, I wasn’t able to blot in the chipped spaces to tide me over until I sat down to redo it. I love the look, I just wish it lasted longer!

Rating: 3.5/5