Efforts To Ban Same-Day Registration And Early Voting Are Voter Suppression

  • The effort to ban same-day voter registration and early voting amounts to massive voter suppression. [Slate]
  • PurrVerse columnist Kitty Stryker gives a thorough, nuanced analysis of all the problems involved in Jian Ghomeshi labeling abuse as BDSM. [Guardian]
  • Wonder Woman has a queer, kinky, feminist history, and that makes me very happy. [Flavorwire]
  • Today was the Carry That Weight Day of Action in support of Emma Sulkowicz’s Mattress Project. [Feministing]
  • VH1 has the same programming as BET with none of the racialized criticism. [The Root]
  • Emily Gould looks at the racial subtext of the Hollaback street harassment video. [Salon]
  • A Chicagoland teacher used racial slurs toward two Black students. [RawStory]
  • A fragment of Amelia Earhart’s plane was found on the island of Kiribati. [Discovery]
  • You can’t prevent all abortions, you can only outlaw safe abortions. [Huffington Post]