A Day In The Life Of Rutgers University’s “Politicizing Beyoncé” Class

Let it be clear: I have no desire to go back to school, UNLESS it is to take Rutgers University’s “Politicizing Beyoncé” class.

The course, which takes a look at Beyoncé’s songs, music videos and feminist advocacy, usually begins with a viewing of one of her music videos, and is followed by a discussion of readings and songs, and how they may tie into each other. Kevin Allred, the course’s lecturer, says he teaches the class because Beyoncé “provides a really good entry point to a lot of black feminist texts, so it’s a class about Beyoncé, but it’s also not a class about Beyoncé. It’s a class about black feminist history and black feminist theory, in the United States, especially.”

Allred makes it known that the class is not about Bey as a person, but rather, her as a performer and the messages she’s putting out there. So what makes him qualified, as a white man, to teach a class on Beyonce, black culture and feminism? “I don’t have a great answer, except that it’s what I love to teach. And I hope I do it in a way that’s never overstepping any boundary of speaking for black women or for any group that I’m not a part of.”

I’m intrigued. For more insight into the class and Allred’s teaching methods, check out the video above. [MSNBC]