The Out-Of-Control Creepy Clown Trend Is Freaking Me Out

I get being dedicated to the holiday season and all, but this whole trend of dressing up like an evil crown and wreaking havoc is beyond terrifying. The trend seems to have started earlier this month when a man was spotted dressed up as a clown during late nights in Wasco, California (his antics were revealed to be a photography project), but now the nightmare has spread to Jacksonville, Florida and even as far as Britain and France.

The Floridian clowns have been terrorizing local homes in costume, destroying jack-o-lanterns and carrying out other petty crimes that an average bored 15-year-old might attempt. These creepsters, though, are far from an average vandal — it takes a special kind of deranged personality to do something like that in a creepy costume. Can you imagine looking out your front window and seeing that kind of horror movie scene on your porch? The madness topped itself a few days ago, 14 clowns were cornered by police after chasing people with weapons. Seriously. A French police spokesmen told Metro UK that the online circulation of clown pranks is inspired a “presence of threatening and aggressive clowns in France” and that the problem is “symptomatic of the impact of the Internet.” Who the hell does that? Evil clowns are like, 90 percent of the population’s biggest nightmare. The clown on “American Horror Story” was scary enough, but a real-life version? Terrifying. I’ll take my clowns on TV only, thank you very much. [Metro UK]

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