Anyone Who Says They Don’t See Street Harassment Happening: Here’s Your Proof

My very female-friendly male friends have told me repeatedly that the frequency with which they see and hear street harassment in no way matches up to the frequency with which their female friends tell them they’re harassed. Well! Outfit us with cameras, and you’ll find out for yourself.

This video was produced for Hollaback, an anti-street harassment organization with an app through which users can report locations of street harassment and bystander intervention. In the video, which was filmed over the course of 10 hours walking silently around Manhattan, the woman is catcalled over 100 times, including one particularly off-putting incident in which she is followed by a catcaller for five minutes.

For those men who feel inclined to say “it’s just a compliment!”, I ask, can you imagine being reduced to your looks and/or commanded to talk or smile every six minutes? Can you imagine being followed because you don’t want to talk?

Meanwhile, though, you can read some great insights about the pressure on men in our dating culture to pursue women, and the emotional results of a type of constant rejection women don’t have to deal with, in the comments section on this post on the subject. Basically, everything sucks for all of us. Can we just start being chill with each other? [Hollaback]

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