Oh, Thank God, There’s A New OK Go Music Video

Crappy things that have happened today:

  • The water main by my apartment was being worked on with no notice, so I had to book it to a café to work so that I could pee during my work day
  • The café totally forgot that I paid for food and a drink
  • A post got messed up and I had to re-enter a bunch of pictures
  • I am OBVIOUSLY PMS-ing
  • I’ve been sick for a week and a half without much improvement
  • Typical online gaslighting

Great things that have happened today that make up for 90 percent of that:

  • This new OK Go video for “I Won’t Let You Down” off their new album, Hungry Ghosts

The great thing about having first-world problems is that they have first-world solutions. Woo-hoo! [OK Go via Jezebel]