Man Chokes Woman He Met Online Because She Didn’t Match Her Profile

Another post about a guy responding in an abusive manner towards a woman who didn’t adhere to his expectations? you may be thinking. I promise, we will stop posting about the topic just as soon as stories about the violent manifestations of pervasive male entitlement stop filling the news cycle. You can hold me to that. So, the latest rage-inducer? A man is accused of choking a woman he met online because she wasn’t “like she was on the Internet.”

Cornelius Jefferson, 33, met the unidentified woman online (it’s unclear if they met on a dating site or app, or through some other social networking site) and moved from Georgia to Eastern Kentucky to be with her. But when she apparently didn’t meet his expectations of her from their online interactions — the police report doesn’t specify how she was different from what he thought, not that it actually matters — he choked her, threw food at her and then left with his suitcases. Jefferson was then arrested and charged with fourth degree assault.

Hmm, I’m guessing his suddenly violent behavior didn’t match her expectations either. What a creep. []

(And as an aside, this screenshot from a news broadcast about the case really irks me. “Disappointment”? When people are disappointment, they sigh heavily and pout, they don’t choke people.)