The Worst U.S. Cities To Live In During A Zombie Apocalypse

Should there ever be a zombie apocalypse, I’m getting the hell out of New York City. Real-estate website Trulia has just saved us all some trouble by letting us know which U.S. Cities would be the worst places to seek refuge should the dead rise and revolt, and the city that topped the chart may surprise you! Survivability was calculated using the these criteria: highest walk score, lowest hardware store density, highest hospital density, and most congestion. Basically, hospitals will have lots of weak victims, hardware stores have lots of zombie-killing tools, the more people who live in an area the harder it is to leave, and if you’re on any kind of island, you’re screwed. Check out the map after the jump to see if you should pack up and peace out before the zombies come. 

The Worst U.S. Cities To Live In Should There Be A Zombie Apocalypse[Huffington Post Weird News]

1. Honolulu
2. New York City
3. Newark
4. Boston
5. Washington, D.C.
6. San Francisco
7. Miami
8. Orange County
9. Los Angeles
10. Seattle
11. Chicago
12. Denver
13. Portland
14. Middlesex County
15. Las Vegas
16. Philadelphia
17. Pittsburgh
18. Austin
19. San José
20. Baltimore
21. Oakland
22. Dallas
23. New Orleans
24. Houston
25. El Paso