Maybe Toys ‘R’ Us’s Best Course Would Be To Tread Lightly (Plus, Some Mixed Feelings About Aaron Paul’s Tweet)

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have tweeted in response to Toys ‘R’ Us pulling “Breaking Bad” figurines from their shelves:

First of all, LOL at Bryan Cranston. (I’d really like to imagine that I live in a reality in which Bryan Cranston has prototypical action figures of everyone.) Second, aaaaagh, I want to love this tweet from Aaron Paul. I really do. He’s absolutely right, Toys ‘R’ Us’s decision was hypocritical in soooooooo many ways, and yet … Well, as Amelia pointed out to me this morning, Aaron Paul has only ever publicly dated women who are extremely, stupendously conventionally good-looking. I mean, he’s basically married to a human Barbie doll. Which is not to say she’s not a wonderful human being! I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about him and the standards he has internalized for women’s looks.

But, still, that doesn’t preclude him from being welcome in the conversation about our culture’s expectations of women and he could have very well been referring to himself and other men and how their expectations affect women. And he’s a nice guy who takes his mom to the Emmys, so there’s that. [The Mary Sue]

[Images via Slate/AMC and Toys R Us]