Toys ‘R’ Us Is The One Who Knocks (Walter White Action Figures Off Their Shelves)

There’s been all sorts of drama surrounding action figures at Toys ‘R’ Us lately: A Florida mom found out that the toy store was carrying “Breaking Bad” action figures and successfully petitioned the company to stop carrying them.

Before you say, “Wait, I could’ve gotten a ‘Breaking Bad’ figurine at Toys ‘R’ Us and no one told me?” — I KNOW. And apparently we aren’t the only people who feel that way, because there’s now a counter-petition to get them restocked, since Toys ‘R’ Us is filling in a market gap for toys for adults where KB, Suncoast, and Tower Records used to reside by carrying the figurines.

Before the rest of you say, “Why do adults need action figures?” Hey, man, we all need hobbies. I’m still itching for that Kozik Gipper Bust at Rotofugi. Why wouldn’t you want a little Walter White to put on your desk and direct the word “Bitch!” at, at the end of your sentences?

The manufacturer is sold out or preorder-only on the toys, too, so thanks to Prude Florida Mom we’re all SOL. Thanks, Prude Florida Mom. However, if you want, you can still go to Toys ‘R’ Us for figurines from sex-and-murder-laden “Game of Thrones,” a Jason Voorhees figurine, toys from another adult cable drama, “The Walking Dead.” Oh, and Grand Theft Auto V, which also references the drug trade (and sex work, and murder, and, um, grand theft auto).


[Image via Mezco Toys]

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