Life Dream Status: You Can Go Camping On A New York City Rooftop

Artist Thomas Stevenson launched art project/pop-up campground Bivouac NY to allow city dwellers to spend the night in tents on secret New York City rooftops. The experience may not offer much in the way of forests or meadows, but there is a great big starry sky to gaze at when night falls and a pretty sweet view of city high-rises. No phones are allowed on the campsite and there are no showers or electricity, which creates more of a true “roughing it” experience. Stevenson, who serves as a camp counselor at the events, told Yahoo! Travelthat the two principles of the project for are “disconnecting from the world at large and people convening together” — basically, exactly what you’d gain from a weekend in the woods. “You have a camping experience and go back to work the next day. It’s very convenient and has a lot of depth to it.” Magical things happen when people share a space and simply spend time together, and that, at least to me, has always been the allure of camping that cancels out the many downsides of being in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception.

Stevenson seems to agree, as his project is all about fostering a sense of community. A night in an artist-constructed tent is free (!), and fellow campers are often strangers. The time is pretty unstructured, leaving plenty time for making friends. All visitors need to bring is a sleeping bag and one food item for the big communal dinner that all campers cook together. The “hosting roof” changes periodically because it’s difficult to secure space from buildings that will allow the project, but Stevenson is always interested in new locations and even new cities to camp in. The project is winding down for the season, but you can get on a wait list for the last weekend of camping here and hopefully get excited for next summer, since the experience is already in its third year and going strong. [Yahoo] [Image via Bivouac NY]