Fox Anchor: Young Women Serving On Juries Is A Bad Idea Because They “Don’t Get It”

Kimberly Guilfoyle and her co-hosts on “The Five” decided on Tuesday’s edition of the show that young women are just too out of it to be functional members of society. They argued that most people become conservatives as they get older, and that young women start as liberals until they marry and gain enough “life experience” to do a political 180 (the party starts at around the 1:45 mark in the video). They claimed, with completely straight faces, that single women tend to lean to the left because they believe they “need the government to take care of them.” So, I guess they think that women aren’t capable of functioning without a husband to pay for their shit or facilitate their lives. Then if there’s no man to assist them, we’re supposed to presume that these “helpless” women want their government to take care of them in a dude’s place? I mean, considering the U.S. government’s track record as of late (and really, since the beginning of history) no sane person, especially a sane woman, would ever actively plan on Congress or the Prez coming to save them. But alas, this was only the beginning of Guilfoyle’s ramble.

The real gem of the conversation arrives when Guilfoyle asserts that young single ladies should be excused from jury duty because they don’t have enough life experience and “don’t get it.” She implored them to instead use that time to hop back onto Tinder or (Because apparently all young ladies care about is finding husbands? Who will then support them instead of the government so that they can gain the “experience” to morph into conservatives?). Guilfoyle and friends went on to insist that paying the bills, crime, education, and health care are not relevant to young unmarried women so of course we could never understand the important issues enough to vote competently. Seriously? Can you name one woman in her twenties (or one person from any walk of life, period) who isn’t concerned with those things? A person who is young and just starting their life out maybe even be more concerned with those issues, because their entry-level paychecks and limited resources means a secure life is not a given without some active planning. Young people spend plenty of energy worrying about how they’ll make ends meet, or afford to live someplace with a low crime rate, or secure a decent education to move up in the world. I’m also not sure what this means for young men as opposed to us ladies. Does Guilfoyle think they “get it?” Do their Y chromosomes make them capable than young women in her eyes even though they have the same lack of life experience? I digress. I don’t think any more commentary on my part is necessary, this ridiculousness pretty much speaks for itself. [UPI; Media Matters]