3 Topics To Discuss Before Moving in Together

If you and your significant other finally decided to take that giant leap of financial and emotional faith and move in together, know that this is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Before you eagerly sign the dotted line on your lease, take a look at some things you should sit down and discuss BEFORE you find yourself arguing over who should be taking out the trash or paying the electric bill.

1. How You’ll Divide the Finances: Finances are a HUGE component when you’re deciding to move in with your SO. In fact, in a recent Rent.com survey found that the number one thing couples wished they had discussed before shacking up was how to divide their finances. A few months before the big move, take time out to sit down and figure out how exactly you’ll be splitting your major bills and what plan you’ll have in place for other expenses, like groceries and household essentials.

2. What to Do When You Need Space: Spending all of your time with one person in an apartment, whether it’s a roommate or a significant other, is hard. You no longer have the ease and convenience of grabbing your things and storming out of the door after a big fight. Now that you two have merged your spaces into one, you have to figure out how to go about when you need space and a time away from one another. Many couples like to have a designated day where they have a few hours away from each other, which is a great way to take advantage of some much needed alone time.

3. Your Daily Chores Schedule: Although you’ll likely start to figure out your significant other’s cleaning habits soon after you’ve moved in together, you should make it a priority to hash out your thoughts and expectations of the household’s daily chore schedule. It’s much better to agree on who’ll be taking out the trash or on dish duty before the arguments begin.


Although you may find yourself seeking advice from friends and family on whether you’re ready to move in with your guy or girl, you and your significant other are the only ones who know the true answer. However, if you find yourself often questioning if you could put up with your boyfriend’s inability to clean his own apartment before you even move in together, maybe you should take the time out to wait before making the move. A Rent.com survey found that almost 40% of renters ended a relationship while still living together—talk about awkward!

*This post was republished with permission from Rent.com