What’s Better For You, Butter Or Margarine?

ASAP Science asks one of the most important questions in nutrition: According to science, what’s better for you, butter or margarine? Not what’s better in general, obviously, because that’s a laughably easy question to answer.

They break it down thusly: Butter has one or two ingredients and is minimally processed but is high in saturated fat; margarine has a ton of ingredients and is extremely processed, is sometimes high in trans fats but sometimes not, and it’s hard to tell what its nutritional value is because there’s a lot of variation. So, bottom-line, it depends on what your nutrition goals are and how good you are at moderating what I can only assume are your unstoppable cravings for butter.

They suggest throwing the whole conversation out and just dipping your bread in olive oil, but when’s the last time you had olive oil at a restaurant that hadn’t gone rancid and gotten all bitter? Taste-wise, at least, everyone knows butter is better.

[Geeks are Sexy]


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