Tinder Is Going To Introduce Paid Premium Features Next Month

Tinder’s CEO, Sean Rad, announced at the Forbes Under 30 Summit that Tinder is going to start introducing paid features to the app in November. No word as to what exactly those features will be, but Forbes is speculating that it could include breaking open location restrictions and options for platonic or business-related meetups. Good for Tinder! Apparently they’ve been focusing on growth for the last two years and are just now starting to work out a way to monetize the app. Oh, and don’t worry, the service as it stands is going to remain free.

Marie Claire asked, “Would you pay to use Tinder?”, which is why this caught my attention in the first place, because at first glance, HELL NO. I haven’t created a profile for obvious, boyfriend-related reasons, and while I’m extremely intrigued by the whole swiping thing (I think humans get a rush from being judgey), the experience just sounds like a nightmare. The opportunity to use it for platonic reasons is interesting, but if it’s business-related, on what standards do you swipe? How much do you have to pay? The Tinder plot thickens.


[Marie Claire]

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