Sam Lutfi Claims He’s Trying To “Help” Amanda Bynes, Her Parents Deny His Involvement

You remember Sam Lutfi don’t you? Back during Britney Spears’ head-shaving days, Lutfi swooped in to become the pop star’s “manager” following her estrangement from her family, digging in his claws during her darker hours under the guise of “helping her.” Spears’ loved ones claimed he was a Svengali-like figure who took over Britney’s life, giving her pills, calling the paparazzi during opportune moments, and even moving into her house. Ever since Britney got her life back together and reunited with her parents, Lutfi has been kept out of the picture, including by restraining order. (Check out a long list of claims made by Britney’s mother Lynne in her restraining order petition — it’s disturbing.) Since then, he has worked with Courtney Love, and now he’s claiming to be a friend of Amanda Bynes, desperate to help her in her hour of need. Are you noticing a trend?

In an open letter published this past weekend on xoJane of all fucking places (I’m not linking to it because I think it’s that gross), Lutfi writes that he assisted Bynes’ parents in getting her temporarily committed to a psychiatric facility a few weeks ago, after a recent bout of concerning behavior. Lutfi writes in the “It Happened To Me” piece (if my “happened to me” you mean “making other people’s difficulties all about ME and my reputation”), Lutfi writes:

All I can tell you is that Amanda is getting the help that she needs and that I am working closely with her and her family in order to ensure that we can move on from the tabloid sensationalism of her “breakdown” and instead concentrate on what a rare, talented young woman she has always been and continues to be.

O RLY? Because that’s not what Amanda Bynes’ parents are saying. According to the Daily Mail, earlier this week, Amanda’s mother Lynn, speaking from her California home, denied reports that the family has been working with Lutfi, saying, “Don’t worry, we’re not working with Sam.” I suppose it’s possible that they just don’t want anyone to know they’re working with the guy, but what parent in their right mind who is actually concerned for their child’s safety would call Sam Lutfi to the rescue, given his tabloid history?

Speaking of his tabloid history, that was ultimately the reason Lutfi penned his open letter on xoJane in the first place. Lutfi writes that it was his pal Courtney Love — who is also friends with xoJane editor-in-chief Jane Pratt — who “asked me to write this in order to help stop some of the misinformation campaigns that have been nonstop over the last few weeks as Bynes has been more in the spotlight than ever.” Yes, because the biggest problem in Amanda Bynes’ life is Sam Lutfi’s “unfair” reputation. Talk about atrociously exploitative.

In one of the screenshots included in the piece, Love commends Lutfi for doing “good work” with Bynes and “helping strays.” But that’s exactly what’s most disgusting about Lutfi’s reputation, no matter how he tries to spin it. Swooping in and glomming on to famous and wealthy, but suddenly troubled blonde women in under the pretense of “saving” them is the guy’s M.O. Nevermind the fact that there is no evidence that he does anything other than exploit and control them, helping to further alienate them from friends and family; his stated mission is problematic all on its own. Who is this fucking guy to shove his way into some young woman’s life when she’s at her most vulnerable? Really, you’re just that giving and generous, Sam? A knight in shining armor for all of Hollywood’s fallen princesses? GTFO.

I certainly hope that if Lutfi is lying about his involvement in Bynes’ life and recovery, her parents take legal steps to shut him down and keep him away from their daughter. If his relationship with Britney showed us anything, it’s that he’s extremely good at sinking in his teeth and not letting go. And as for xoJane? I’m sure they’re enjoying an insane amount of traffic for giving this vulture a forum to defend his reputation by, you know, exploiting an obviously troubled young woman’s mental health issues — but are they proud?

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