Matthew McConaughey Tried To Defend The Redskins’ Racist Team Name To GQ

  • Matthew McConaughey weighed in on the campaign to change the name of the Redskins football team. The team’s name is a racial slur, but apparently McConaughey just doesn’t care. He told GQ: “I know a lot of Native Americans don’t have a problem with it, but they’re not going to say, ‘No, we really want the name.’ That’s not how they’re going to use their pulpit…What interests me is how quickly it got pushed into the social consciousness. We were all fine with it since the 1930s, and all of a sudden we go, ‘No, gotta change it’? It seems like when the first levee breaks, everybody gets on board. I love the emblem. I dig it. It gives me a little fire and some oomph. But now that it’s in the court of public opinion, it’s going to change. I wish it wouldn’t, but it will.” Ugh. [Gawker]
  • Rainn Wilson will produce a new comedy series called “Hollywood And Vine,” starring accused rapist Curtis Lepore. Lepore is a Vine superstar, and his ex Jessie Smiles accused him of raping her when she was unconscious. He pleaded no contest to the assault and proceeded to post smug jokes about it on Twitter. [Death and Taxes]
  • This just in: cum is damn good for you. [You Beauty]
  • Kate Middleton made her first public appearance since announcing her second pregnancy, riding a carriage in a procession to Buckingham Palace for a visit by the president of Singapore. Kate has been bogged down by hyperemesis gravidarum, which is essentially an extremely severe version of morning sickness. She looked stunning as always! [Daily Mail UK]
  • The president of France is very fond of the giant butt plug in Paris that was recently destroyed, thank you very much. [Gawker]
  • Gwen Stefani released a new music video! [Idolator]
  • Creepy texts read aloud will make you giggle. [College Candy]
  • Kat Dennings has mad respect for Kim Kardashian’s ass. [Celebuzz]
  • Did someone order a kickass feminist Beyonce pumpkin? [Jezebel]

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