Keep It Classy While You’re Trespassing On 66 Perry Street, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is looking to capitalize on her “Sex and the City” role as long as she can, apparently — and more power to her, but I feel like maybe there’s classier ways to do it than trespassing on 66 Perry Street to do an impromptu Instagram photoshoot for her new shoe line.

The owners of the brownstone have had enough problems with tourists that they’ve had to put up a chain bearing a sign that reads “Do NOT go on staircase please.” SATC tourists are still a problem for the block — the president of the Perry Street Association told Page Six that the situation is “intense,” adding that “people who live here get upset that the sidewalks are constantly jammed.”

I’d say it’s not that creepy or strange but it does kind of strike me as creepy or strange, especially with photo captions like “I’m going to follow them. X, SJ.” She was referring to the shoes, which she or someone on her team had lined up on the sidewalk, but still, combined with the fact that she didn’t get permission from the homeowners, it’s a little weird and definitely tacky.

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