Check Out This Timeline For Comic Book Movie Release Dates Through 2020

In case you’re wondering how many more comic book movies you either get to geek out over or have to endure trailers for over the next six years, depending on your preferences, ComicsAlliance has a handy-dandy timeline of comic book movie release dates through 2020. Midnight movie-goers, start planning your cosplays now!

The timeline follows Warner Bros.’ announcement last week that it’ll be producing 10 (more) movies based on DC Comics titles. The timeline includes 33 confirmed release dates and 7 additional confirmed productions-in-the-works with no release dates. So far it looks like 2017 is going to be particularly bitchin’, IMHO, between Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Justice League, Lego Batman (did you ever play the game? It was fun as fuck), and a female-led Spider-Man spin-off.

iO9 has an additionally helpful rolling list of movie release dates in case you are waiting on bated breath for comic book movie news. What are you guys excited for?

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