Broga Mats Put A Dude-Friendly Twist On Yoga Gear

When Yogi Dan Abramson started doing yoga to help recover from a back injury and realized it was total game changer, he embarked on a mission to inspire more dudes to get their downward dog on. While yoga has always been for everyone, the last few decades have seen it increasingly associated with Lululemon-wearing rich ladies. To change that, Abramson created Broga Mats, a series of yoga mats and accompanying bags designed for men’s bodies and adorned with quirky designs reminiscent of things like burritos, lumberjacks, and trees.

The mats are longer, wider, and extra grippy to accommodate a sweaty dude. The Broga Mat website features guys (and their accompanying hot lady friends) on hot dates, frolicking in nature, and looking all-around manly with their Broga Mats slung over their shoulders. Maybe it’s a bit sexist, and while I don’t like implications that yoga somehow becomes a different activity when guys opt into it, I have to appreciate how thoughtful these mats are. Abramson’s goal was to be inclusive and communicate to people that you don’t need to fit into any specific demographic to try your hand at yoga class. If it gets more people finding more fulfillment through yoga, I’m a fan – as long as we ladies are allowed to buy burrito bags too because I totally want one! [Laughing Squid] [Image via Brogamats]