There Will Be Flashbacks On Season 5 Of “Game Of Thrones”

OH YAY: It’s been confirmed that there will be flashbacks on season five of “Game of Thrones.” A woman on Tumblr had leaked that her daughter had read for the part of “Young Cersei,” which unofficially confirmed some of series fans’ dreams, but now writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have officially stated that flashbacks will be included.

Teeny weeny show spoilers ahead (would you guys catch up already?!), but I won’t spoil anything for those of you who are lazy and didn’t read the books (I’m kidding, you’re not lazy, it took me months to get through all five and I had some pretty big chunks of free time).

There are sequences in Cersei’s childhood that are crucial to the plot and will be mega-fun to watch. How Weiss and Benioff ever thought that they wouldn’t require flashbacks, I have no idea. This also opens the door for actors to return — Sean Bean has said that he’d like to return to the show as Ned Stark for season five and can imagine scenarios in which it would be necessary for him to do so (thank goodness, too; I miss the only competent Stark outside of Arya). There have been rumors that Charles Dance will come back as Tywin, too.

Here’s the really big question, though: Can Weiss and Benioff orchestrate a situation in which Pedro Pascal could reprise his role as Oberyn? Because really, everyone needs more Pedro Pascal in our lives. IT WAS OVER TOO SOON. OBERYN 4EVER.

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