Jenny McCarthy Exhibits A Lack Of Forethought, Says She Feels Trans “On The Inside”

Jenny McCarthy isn’t actually dumb, she just says dumb shit, like that she’s trans on the inside. There’s a sort of Matryoshka-doll logic there that defies the boundaries of normal conversation — if we understand trans people to be, in the very most basic, bottom line terms, people who were born with a gender identity that does not match their birth gender, or to be x on the inside and y on the outside, then Jenny McCarthy is saying that on the inside, she feels like someone who is different on the inside … My head hurts.

You can’t be trans on the inside unless you are, you know, trans. Being “trans on the inside” is, in layman’s terms, the entire point of being trans. Beyond the bad logic, there’s also the fact that it’s just offensive to assume that you know a marginalized group’s experience well enough to declare that that’s what you are “on the inside” when what you are on the inside is the sum of your own individual experiences, which in this case are the experiences of a white, blonde, conventionally attractive, famous cis woman.

That being said: I can comprehend a situation in which Jenny McCarthy has maybe not heard about all of the options on the gender spectrum. Maybe she’s just heard about cis people and trans people, and doesn’t know about genderqueer, agender, and nongender people, or about the choice to identify as cis but masculine. The fact that she’s bothering to examine her experience with her gender and gender identity is awesome! It just sucks that in the process she has the opportunity to say something ignorant so publicly.

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