Free People Is Selling $68 Sticks In Its “Spirituality Shop”

Goddess bless Robyn Pennacchia at Death and Taxes for allowing us to tune into her heart song as she transcended into the cosmic abyss of Free People’s “Spirituality Shop.” Free People, for those not in the know, is a clothing and accessories brand. Their stores look like your worst Coachella nightmare. Desperately seeking a pair of crochet pants and a feathered headpiece for some godawful reason? Free People has it ALL. It is also, as Robyn informs us, where you should go if you’re looking to spend mad dough on adding some faux spiritual ephemera to your life. Like these $68 cosmic sticks (left). They are cosmic because, uh, they have a crystal attached to them with embroidery thread, I guess?

If $68 sounds pricey, the Spirituality Shop also sells slightly cheaper sticks, minus the cosmic vibes. They also sell glass glitter, something called Dream Weaver Mist that claims to curb nightmares, and, my (spirit animal’s) personal favorite, a Mystic Wishing Bottle (right), which is “filled with all things magical: crystals, dried lavender, a feather, and glitter for days.” It’s only $58, but I think I might make one at home using an old Diet Coke bottle, some dried oregano, a pinch of Lucca’s shedding hair pulled from my vacuum bag and some old bronzer that broke. I feel karmically centered already. Namaste. [Death and Taxes]