This Mandatory (And Sexist) Sex Ed Workshop Is Why Society Is Moving Backwards

As a modern woman who values her reproductive rights and the education of sexual health, I’m ALL ABOUT today’s young folks taking sex ed classes— but not when they’re sexist, bigoted and alllll sorts of wrong.

A secondary school in Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution, held a mandatory sex education session recently sponsored by Focus on the Family, a Colorado Springs-based non-profit known for preaching abstinence and anti-gay rhetoric. One whistle-blower, a brave teen named Agatha Tan, was so appalled by the sexist and bigoted materials provided in the course that she wrote a thoughtful open letter to her principal complaining about the class, and posted it to Facebook. So why was she so appalled? Prepare to facepalm for days…

Not only was the literature promoting the idea that “no” MAY sometimes mean “yes,” but it also taught teens about “what guys want gals to know,” like “a guy can’t not want to look,” and “guys would rather feel alone and unloved than inadequate and disrespected,” so be sure to “affirm him in front of others.”

What Guys Want Gals To Know

What Gals What Guys To Know

But just wait, it gets worse. There’s an actual chart Called “If She Says … She Really Means” which interprets things women say. For example, “You have to learn to communicate” means “just agree with me,” and “don’t get me anything” really means “I need to know that you love me enough to have taken notice of what I like without me telling you.” Oh, is that what it means? Because I thought “don’t get me anything” meant DON’T GET ME ANYTHING. They seem to have gotten it right with the “He Says” chart, though. Because, you know, dudes are always so transparent, honest and literal, but those ladies … well, they’re such confusing teases.

What She Says

What He Says

A spokesperson for Focus on the Family told the Online Citizen that the course “is not a sexuality education program,” but rather “designed to be a relationship program to help young people unreal the world of the opposite sex, uncover the truths of love and dating, and reveal what it takes to have healthy and meaningful relationships,” which REALLY means “a whole lot of lies and bullshit.” [The Daily Dot]