Pimp My Ride: Mom Makes Amazing Halloween Costumes For Son In Wheelchair

Caleb McLelland has had spina bifida his entire life, and has always had to use a wheelchair. Every Halloween, Cassie McLelland, Caleb’s mom, has made sure her son can go trick-or-treating with his friends and family by crafting Caleb awesome Halloween costumes that incorporate his wheelchair into the ensemble. Now 9-years-old, Caleb’s costumes have become so popular that Cassie has started a blog for other parents of handicapped children who are looking to make unique DIY costumes. And have we mentioned they’re totally kickass?

“I want people to see Caleb, not just the wheelchair or the leg braces, but Caleb,” Cassie tells The Huffington Post. “He is very much a 9-year-old boy in and out. He is active, smart, funny, and terribly handsome. I want people to know that Caleb is so much more than his diagnoses. I want people to see that a wheelchair is not something that he is ‘bound’ to or ‘confined’ to, it’s his freedom. Mobility is a beautiful thing. That boy is living life and I’m just along for the ride. And it’s been a pretty good ride so far.”

Check out some of Cassie and Caleb’s masterpieces from over the years, and we dare you not to smile…









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