Kanye Is Displeased With Lord Disick’s Treatment Of Kourtney Kardashian

Today in douchebags calling out other douchebags (part two!), Kanye West is reportedly hella pissed that Scott Disick is partying the day away while his girlfriend Kourtney is pregnant with their third child. Kanye reportedly stayed at Kim’s side throughout her pregnancy, only leaving her for a gig if it paid big bucks that could help support the family (as if they needed more money). Kanye wishes Scott would do the same, but instead our favorite Disick was seen clubbing his ass off in Las Vegas last weekend.

A source close to the Kardashian clan dished about Scott’s antics to HollywoodLife.com:

“The fool is out and about, clubbing and shit, drinking like the world is about to end. He’s a mess. A hot, toxic mess. When your girl is pregnant, guess what — you’re pregnant, too. You’re supposed to be there, with your babe, eating Godiva chocolate, having seconds at dinner, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and being supportive. Not drinking alcohol.”

Is this source actually Kanye in disguise trying to make himself sound like an angel? Whoever it is, how can I enlist him to have babies with me and buy me copious amounts of Godiva chocolate? I digress. For starters, Scott’s crappy behavior is so bleakly predictable that it makes me want to slam my head against my desk, and I find it funny that anyone, Kanye or otherwise, thinks he’s suddenly going to become an emotionally available or dedicated partner. Scott’s horrific track record as a boyfriend is a big part of why we love him in the first place. We laugh to stop ourselves from crying over the hopelessness, people. On top of that, Scott reportedly has a serious drinking problem at this point. He was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning this summer and has apparently tried to get help since then, so I’m pretty sure he can’t just up and quit at the drop of a dime. Kanye’s raging and/or ever-flowing dollar bills won’t do much to sway that reality. Sigh. I believe in you Scott! You’ll always rock a pimp suit better than the rest. [Hollywood Life] [Image via Splash News]