Halloween Costume Inspiration: Basic Bitch

Here’s what I’ve realized about basic bitch: I AM ONE. We all are. The list of basic bitch characteristics is lengthy and it’s pretty much impossible not to find some things you have in common with this much maligned archetype of supposedly boring femininity. For example: I love “Friends” reruns, SoulCycle, that new Taylor Swift song, and Florence, Italy, all examples of basic bitchdom according to the various definitions I’ve read online. So, why not embrace your own inner (and outer) basic bitch by making the typical Basic Bitch look your Halloween costume? Don’t forget to post tons of photos on Insta, hashtag #BLESSED! (Although, if you really want to be a Basic Bitch for Halloween, you should really be a SEXY basic bitch, because basic bitches love sexy Halloween costumes.)

Keep Calm And Carrie On Hoodie: $43.99, Cafe Press
Starbucks Pumpskin Spice Latte: NATCH
Uggs (or fake Uggs if you’re not willing to be that basic): $17.50, Bon-Ton
Yoga Pants: $15.90, Forever 21
Sunglasses: $5.90, Forever 21
Infinity Scarf: $15, Old Navy