Watch Shia LaBeouf’s Hilarious Retelling Of His Drunk “Cabaret” Arrest

  • Turns out, Shia LaBeouf’s version of what happened the night he was arrested for public intoxication while attending a showing of “Cabaret” on Broadway is really hilarious. Kinda love Shia LaBeouf now. [Us Weekly]
  • NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman is apologizing for breaching voluntary quarantine after being exposed to the Ebola virus while covering the story in Liberia. [People]
  • Facebook and Apple will now cover non-medical egg-freezing for their female employees. HINT HINT MEMO TO MY BOSS HINT HINT HINT HINT. [Jezebel]
  • New,brilliant essay from our former Mind of Man and Frisky dude BFF John DeVore? YES PLEASE. [Medium]
  • And Roxane Gay on both fearing and loving white men? Also YES PLEASE. [The New Statesman]
  • Scientists say that there’s a 63 percent chance that a massssssssive devastating earthquake will hit the Bay Area in the next 30 years, so you know where I’m never living again. [Gawker]
  • How to cuff your jeans like you’re not even trying. []
  • “Pulp Fiction” fan theories that will totally change the way you see the film. [Huffington Post]
  • Some poor old woman got her arm stuck in her toilet while trying to fish out her dentures. [Death and Taxes]