The Site That Got Hacked In “The Snappening” Wants Bitcoin For Interviews

Snapsaved is the third-party company that used flaws in Snapchat’s programming to allow users to store their snaps indefinitely, and it was through (not through the Snapsaved app) that 90,000 nude snaps were stolen and published online. Snapsaved shut down immediately after the leak, but the damage was already done. The company admitted that it was hacked and apologized to users this weekend.

With all of that out of the way, Snapsaved is now apparently asking journalists for monetary compensation via Bitcoin in response to interview requests. That’s right: Their site was insecure, it left private photos vulnerable, someone hacked it, they’re at least partially responsible for the likely circulation of child porn, and now they’re asking to be compensated for insights on their incompetence. A+, Snapsaved.

Whoever is running it claims that his or her time is “finite” and won’t give it up for free, and seems to be much more worried about protecting his or her anonymity and the hassle of being under investigation than the well-being of the users they left unprotected. I mean, they could at least pretend to give a fuck.

[Huffington Post]

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