Halloween Costume Inspiration: Taylor “No Its Becky” Swift

I really kinda dig Taylor Swift. Her music is fun and sometimes, sadly, reflects my much-older dating woes, she’s smart and sassy, and she definitely has a sense of humor about her own fame. Case in point: when she wore this “No Its Becky” shirt out and about in NYC recently, a reference to an amazing Tumblr post that went viral, in which a photo of Taylor is identified as some random chick named Becky, who used to be happy and popular until she snorted marijuana at a party. And what do ya know, this moment in random pop culture memery is the perfect inspiration for any Swifty in need of a Halloween costume. Just don’t forget to bring Olivia Benson! Read on for details!

“No Its Becky” T-Shirt: $13, Etsy
Tote: $39.99, Target via eBay
Stuffed Cat: $7.99, Toys R Us
Plaid Skort: $19.80, Forever 21
Booties: $27.80, Forever 21
Wig: $17.23, Amazon