Coloring Is A Good De-Stressing Tool For Adults

Good news! Coloring is a dang good de-stressing tool for adults. Time to get some colored pencils and get to work!

Psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala says that the benefits of coloring lie between focusing our attention on fine motor movements and on the logic of color-matching. So while it’s a great distraction from stressors, it’s also a novel and challenging physical and mental activity — like meditation, but brighter. Jüng was using coloring as a therapeutic activity a hundred years ago.

Coloring books for adults have become popular in Europe, but haven’t quite made the bestseller list in the States. There are plenty out there, though, including mandala coloring books, pop culture coloring books, and a very cool indie coloring book periodical. Why not — it’s better than getting stuck in a Facebook k-hole, right?

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