7 Takeaways From The New York Post’s Uncritical Profile Of A Chronic Subway Harasser

I guess the New York Post is voting pro-harassment this election season, because they’ve gone a step beyond Doree Lewak’s now-sort-of-infamous “Deal With It!” pro-catcall manifesto by asking a nigh-professional New York subway harasser how he works his magic (and by magic, I mean misogyny). Here are the main takeaways from their profile of Brian Robinson, Middle-Aged Man Who Obviously Isn’t Self-Aware:

  1. Idolize “womanizers.”

  2. Take a positive attitude toward sexual assault, which is what “pinching nurses’ bottoms” amounts to inasmuch as it is unwanted sexual groping.

  3. Don’t actually give a damn about who you’re approaching. Who she is as a human being doesn’t matter, just how she looks and how forcing her to pay attention to you can stroke your ego. Since her personality doesn’t matter, you can feel free to approach every single woman you come across with one of a handful of icebreakers.

  4. Assume that your sexual interest in a woman (because if we’re basing your interest on her looks, we have to assume that you’re mostly after some kind of personal sexual satisfaction) trumps the possibility that she would prefer to be left alone. Every single time.

  5. Assume that women are stupid and don’t know that you’re actually trying to hit on them, while remaining completely oblivious to the fact that they might be humoring you because they’re scared of what you might do to them if they don’t — regardless of the fact that this fear has been evidenced by some of those women carrying weapons like mace in their purses for interactions exactly like this.

  6. Also assume that they’re too dumb to see through your cheap suit and will become automatically sexually aroused if you happen to be carrying a briefcase. I mean, you figure that if you don’t take the time to be observant about who they are via their body language, speech, or personal presentation (see #3), no one else is, either, right?

  7. Keep reassuring yourself that you’re not a predator, you’re just a fun-lovin’ guy who, um, appreciates women or something. You appreciate women so much that you’ve made blind sexual pursuit into your main form of entertainment. That’s right. Not a predator at all.

Well, New York ladies, at least now you know what he looks like. If you happen to see him, say something incredibly acerbic and harrowing for me, will you?

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