The Tao Of Kim Kardashian

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian; she’s brainless or talentless or a complete marketing genius. Whether you love her or hate her, she’s tapped into the zeitgeist in a way that no one else has in recent years. But I’m less concerned with why we’re so fascinated with her–she’s rich, she has drama, she’s hot– and more interested in how oddly prolific Kim can inadvertently be. Whether it’s something she happens to say to Oprah or simply the way she conducts her life, there’s no doubt that Kim has a certain confidence and je ne sais quoi that we could all stand to learn from. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from Kimmy.

Turn Lemons into Lemonade: A publicly-released sex tape would have made many a lass run for the hills in embarrassment. Or at the very least hide out at a rehab center or yoga retreat. Not our brave warrior Kimmy! Take for example, her fellow socialite and sex tape alumnus Paris Hilton, who told Piers Morgan that the sex tape ruined her dreams of being like Princess Diana and that people now just think of her as a slut. Well one can’t argue with the latter. However when it happened to Kim Kardashian, she was quick to admit it was a regret and that she had moved on. In her interview with Oprah she said “I humiliated the family. That’s what I did. But I always try to take the lesson.”

When my mom found once found condoms in my car, I was so embarrassed I could barely look at her for a month. If the whole world saw me sucking D, I would have undoubtedly moved to a convent in Switzerland and not contemplated what the lesson was. Whether or not you believe she and her momager Kris released it on purpose, there’s something to be said for not allowing your mistakes to get you down even in the face of judgment.

Your Own Happiness Is Paramount: If I had been Kim and had married to Kris Humphries, I would have a) tried desperately to repair a sinking ship, b) never gotten a divorce and, c) if I had, I would have felt so silly and embarrassed I wouldn’t be able to see anyone for, like, months. Hell, I once stayed with a guy who belittled me on a regular basis for the simple fact that I didn’t want to break the perfect picture we had created. What would my parents think? Their friends? My coworkers? My friends? Not only did Kim decide her own happiness was more important than what the public or her family and friends thought, she had no qualms about moving on to the next guy. She didn’t beat herself up for making a mistake or worry about public scorn as ridiculous as the whole situation was. She admitted that she had made a mistake, had gotten caught up in the hoopla (and let’s face it we’ve all been caught up in something we shouldn’t have been), and moved on.

Own Your Role: Part of what make Kim Kardashian so appealing is that she knows who she is. She’s famous for being a sex symbol, she owns it and milks it for all it’s worth. She doesn’t pretend to be anything more. And what’s wrong with that? How many of us have tried to hide who we are or pretend we’re something we’re not for the sake of pleasing others? I struggled for years because I’m a writer and not a doctor like my parents wanted me to be. But I’m a writer, I love it, and I’m much happier for accepting myself the way I am.

While I don’t aspire to be as seemingly vapid or materialistic as Kim Kardashian, her self-confidence and dedication to putting herself first is something I can definitely look up to. Brain dead or not.