The Top U.S. Cities For Douchebags Are…

Well, spank my tush and color me shocked: there WAS a survey done telling us which U.S. cities have the most douchebags. Earlier this week, I wrote about the new Estately survey telling us which states have the most immature and mature men. Surprised that New York wasn’t on the list, I mentioned that they’re probably too busy trying to stay in the lead of the Most Douchebags Per Square Foot survey which is yet to be created, but BEHOLD! Earlier this year, Estately did do a survey of which U.S. cities have the most douchebags.

The criteria used to determine the data is totally ridiculous, though I will say my asshole alarm does go off for some of these. I have my own set of criteria, which we shall discuss later (stay tuned!), but Estately’s results were based on men having the following listed as “interests” on Facebook:

1. Nickelback

2. Monster Energy

3. Axe (brand)

4. Ed Hardy

5. Vin Diesel

6. Chris Brown

7. Tosh.0

8. Mixed Martial Arts

9. Bluetooth

10. Dane Cook

The results, to me, were MIND-BOGGLING. Also, it confirms that douchebags of this particular prototype are massing in large numbers in Texas, so I will avoid the Lone Star State at all costs for the rest of my life. So which city landed in the lead? Without further ado, here are the Top 15 Douchiest American Cities.

15. Anaheim, CA

14. Pittsburgh, PA

13. Bakersfield, CA

12. Wichita, KS

11. Tucson, AZ

10. Norfolk, VA

9. Toledo, OH

8. Milwaukee, WI

7. Colorado Springs, CO

6. Glendale, AZ

5. Corpus Christi, TX

4. Aurora, CO

3. San Antonio, TX

2. El Paso, TX

1. Laredo, TX

Don’t see your city? Check out the full list below to see where you rank.

US Cities With The Most Douchebags