Halloween Costume Inspiration: Astrophysicist & Host Of “Cosmos,” Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, author and host of “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” is a pretty big hero of mine. The way he talks about science makes it utterly captivating for everyone, even those of us who struggled in our high school science classes. No one makes the Big Bang sound sexier than NDGT, deal with it. Show your love for his brilliance by dressing up in his trademark celestial vest, dad jeans and sexy ‘stache this Halloween, inviting everyone in your orbit to come on journey on your spaceship of the imagination. (Turn this into a couple’s costume by getting a friend or date to dress up as Carl Sagan! All you really need is a turtleneck and blazer.)

Tie: $19.99, Macy’s
Jeans: $49.95, H&M
Buttondown: $16.08, Target
Vest: $28, Etsy
Blazer: $49.95, H&M
Fake Mustaches: $1.79, Walmart
Telescope: $18.95, Walmart
Oxfords: $19.99, Tilly’s

And to make one thing perfectly clear: NO BLACKFACE. NOOOO BLACKFACE.