Amanda Bynes Accuses Her Dad Of Sexual Abuse On Twitter

Amanda Bynes took to Twitter earlier this morning to post a series of extremely upsetting accusations against her father, Rick Bynes, who she says verbally and physically abused her as a child, fondled himself in front of her, and asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. Then she tweeted that a microchip in her brain that her father made her get made her make the accusations, which she is now, sort of retracting, though she hasn’t deleted the initial tweets.


These accusations come after Bynes was placed under her father’s conservatorship following a downward spiral over the past few years, in which she was arrested multiple times and her mental state was called into question. Bynes’ history will no doubt lead many to question the legitimacy of her accusations, but regardless of whether she’s telling the truth or not or somewhere in between, the situation is so incredibly worrisome and sad. Here’s hoping she gets the support and help she needs from people truly looking out for her best interests. [Gawker]