19 Most Epic (And Cringeworthy) Moments On “Degrassi”

“Degrassi” is returning to MTV Canada on October 28, and while these days it looks nothing like the previous versions of the show we once knew and loved, it’s still totally reason to celebrate. The original “Degrassi Junior High” series paved the way for the “Degrassi: Next Generation” series I binge-watched in high school, and the addictive saga of overdramatized teen crises still continues today. That school must be cursed, because its students are always facing an impossibly high (some might even say statistically unfathomable) amount of personal issues at any given time. I wouldn’t say the show mishandles teen issues, but it definitely adds its own uniquely overdone flavor to the characters’ plights — and that’s what we love about it. After the jump, 20 gloriously memorable “Degrassi” moments.

1. Wheels meets his birth father

2. Claude commits suicide at school

3. Caitlin finds out Joey is fucking Tessa Campanelli, thus ending the best television couple saga of all time (this is the first time “fuck” was ever said on Canadian broadcast television!)

4. Manny takes her top off on camera

5. Tessa gets an abortion

6. Spike gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby

7. Liberty gets pregnant

8. J.T. dies (the saddest “Degrassi” moment ever)

9. Jimmy gets shot

10. Paige and Alex fall in love

11. Paige is raped (trigger warning)

12. Rick puts Terri in a coma

13. Emma (Spike’s baby all grown up!) develops an eating disorder

14. Darcy realizes she was roofied (trigger warning)

15. Dwayne gets AIDS

16. Jimmy, now paralyzed from the school shooting, works on his rap career (foreshadowing the artist we’d soon know as Drake!)

17. Marco comes out to his dad

18. Craig does cocaine

19. Every girl fight that ever happens in the Degrassi halls