Train Your Body To Have Longer, Stronger Orgasms With LELO’s Luna Smart Bead

Stop settling for weak ass orgasms, ladies. Women everywhere aren’t getting the most out of their sack (and solo) sessions, and now there’s a new product that can help increase the strength and length of orgasm: consider it a personal trainer for your vagina, but without the misery. YES, PLEASE.

LELO just launched the Luna Smart Bead, a personal pleasure training device, worn internally by women to improve their orgasm intensity. The device, which should be worn for five minutes a day, features touch sensors that respond to the user’s every squeeze, measuring orgasm potential and setting a routine to help her gradually reach her Big O potential. By tracking the strength of your pelvic walls, it can create a custom “training program” to help you build up your body for longer, stronger and more frequent orgasms. When the bead vibrates, you squeeze (exactly like a Kegel exercise), and when it’s not vibrating, you rest.

Obviously, I’ll be testing the Luna Smart Bead this week, and plan on reporting back about it’s effectiveness. If you want to join the Big O bandwagon, get your Luna Smart Bead here (and have fun!)