The Womansplainer Will Explain Feminism To Sexist Dudes

Sick of explaining misogyny to dismissive, confused dudes? For a fee, The Womansplainer will explain feminism to you in varying levels of detail. Artist Elizabeth Simins launched the site to provide “consulting for men who have better things to do than educate themselves about feminism.” She came up with the idea when she grew sick of men on the internet demanding that women spend their precious time explaining, essentially, why they have the right to be angry at those dudes (and to be clear, these are people who are indignantly trolling and remaining intentionally ignorant, not those who simply want to better understand gender equality). For $20, she’ll Google questions like “do feminists hate sex/humor/fun?” and “explain rape culture/the patriarchy/what ‘systemic’ means.” A higher fee will get you a public Twitter conversation. Considering how many hours some women end up spending trying to explain feminism to jerks (both male and female), this is a brilliant idea that should be probably be taken as an actual business venture. [Jezebel] [Image via The Womansplainer]