Halloween Costume Inspiration: Helena From “Orphan Black”

“Orphan Black” is one of my favorite shows on TV, so who better to channel for Halloween then my favorite clone, Helena. (Or, if you’ve got a gang of girls, go as ALL the clones.) Chances are, you can pull a lot of this costume from your own closet — Helena is all about her army green hooded parka, basic tanks, grubby jeans and rugged boots, just make sure to distinguish yourself from the average street urchin by adding a curly blonde wig and red-rimmed eyes, “Bahhhhhh”-ing at everyone you meet, talking about your sestras, and pulling an array of snacks, like toast, sugar packets and fried chicken, from your coat pockets.

Parka: $63, ChicNova
Jeans: $24.95, H&M
Boots: $39.95, Madden Girl
Tank: $7.95, H&M
Eyeliner: $20, Stila, Sephora
Wig: £6.99, Love Ya Babes