Which States Have The Most Immature (And Mature) Men?

Where do all the manchildren live? A new survey from Estately, a national real estate search site, set out to determine which states have the highest percentage of males still basking in a prolonged state of teenage immaturity, and which have the most emotionally developed dudes. Basically, they wanted to tell us all where we should and should not look for mates.

For starters, I’m not necessarily sure these criteria are what I would have used to gather results (who doesn’t love porn?), but I do find them pretty damn hilarious. Estately used these six requirements in their search to measure male immaturity:

1. No Job: The unemployment rate for each state.
2. Fantasy Football Enthusiasm: Expressed interest for fantasy football by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state.
3. Beer Pong Enthusiasm: Expressed interest for beer pong by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state.
4. Video Game Enthusiasm: Expressed interest for video games by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state.
5. Enthusiasm For Watching “Family Guy”: Expressed interest for watching “Family Guy” by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state.
6. Porn Viewership: Number of porn downloads per capita in each state.

Each state was ranked by those criteria and then averaged to determine rank. So, which state came out on top? The state with the most immature men is… Rhode Island, followed by Delaware, Illinois, North Dakota, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Nevada, Nebraska and Wisconsin. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Utah landed in the number one spot for the most MATURE men, before Idaho, Washington State, Montana, Florida, Vermont, Oregon, New Jersey, Wyoming and Alaska.

How New York didn’t fall anywhere on that list is mind boggling, but I’m sure it would trump the Most Douchebags Per Square Foot survey, which is yet to be created. Don’t see your state? Check out the chart below to see where you rank.

Map Of Immature Men

Immature Men Chart