The Computer Game Myst Is Being Developed As A TV Show

File this under YAAAASSS: The computer game series Myst is getting a TV show and a new game for tablets along with it.

Cyan, Inc., the company that produced the Myst game series, is teaming up with Legendary to produce the show. For reference, Legendary is partnered with Warner Brothers and is the production house behind movies like “300,” “The Watchmen,” “Inception,” “Sucker Punch” — you get the idea. Visually fantastic films. They have a TV division that’s been largely inactive other than acquiring other TV production houses, but now they’re developing Myst, and that makes me very, very happy.

If you didn’t have a lot of time on your hands as a kid, you might not have played Myst, because it took for-damn-ever to load every step of the game when the original was released in 1993. However, if you’re into landscapes and puzzles, you may want to give it a shot now as an adult. The game is played from the perspective of The Stranger, who gets transported through a book onto an island called (duh) Myst, which has a library containing books that link to other islands. You have to solve a mystery by finding pages to books and, by so doing, essentially settle a family dispute. It’s not exciting in a way that’ll get your adrenaline rushing, but it’s exciting if you happen to really, really like exploring fantasy worlds and doing logic puzzles. Suffice it to say that the game half-hinges on its visuals, so it’s the kind of thing that could translate well on film.

The show has no release date yet, but whatever, if I could wait for the game to load when I was six I can wait for production to start at 27.


[Image via moddb]

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