Some Fappeners Are Demonstrating Stunning Self-Awareness In Response To Jennifer Lawrence’s Righteous Outrage

Now that Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about “The Fappening,” the unauthorized released of hacked nude photos of (mostly) female celebrities, some Fappeners on Reddit are sounding self-aware if not exactly apologetic. Here’s what users on r/FappeningDiscussion, one of the few subreddits allowed to exist after the initial hack, are saying:

“I would agree on every point; it was a crime, it was a sexual violation, and it was a disgusting thing to do. You can quibble about the phrase ‘sex crime’ if you want—maybe you think that suggests something more active or physical, like sexual assault—but it does describe a range of crimes, many of which are more ‘passive,’ like sexual harassment and invasion of privacy[…] Note the verbiage: perpetuating, not perpetrating. She’s not equating looking at the pictures to a crime, she’s just saying, correctly, that by viewing, sharing, spreading, and generally reveling in the pictures we are perpetuating the crime. You would have to be profoundly intellectually dishonest to claim that’s not true. I mean, most people on here are literally openly hoping for the leaks to continue and expand in scope and scale. Obviously we’re perpetuating it.”

Well damn, homie. Have another:

“Let’s not fucking pretend this shit is morally beyond reproach. We’re being assholes here and I’m fine with that. It’s just creepy to pretend otherwise.”

Well alright then. I don’t know if I should be thanking these people for their honesty in my head (well, and now here), because thanking people for being self-aware about their own ethical grossness without them actually doing anything to correct it feels kind of pathetic. But I will say this: They genuinely listened to the woman they harmed, they considered it, and they validated her feelings. That is so, so much better than what our culture does for most women who are violated. Picture this, guys: These Redditors, who, as they say, perpetuated a sex crime, are in at least one way on higher moral ground than every police officer who asks a woman why she was drinking when she reports her rape.

Baby steps. I’ll take it.

On the other hand, someone also replaced J-Law’s Wikipedia page picture with one of the Fappening photos. It was taken down, of course, but let’s not forget that the vast majority of the people who have been circulating these photos are committed to the cause of obliviously, gleefully violating women. In the end, are we net baby steps forward or backward?

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