Sarah Silverman Wants To Abolish The Vagina Tax

Sarah Silverman is working with the National Women’s Law Center on their Equal Payback Project, a fundraising effort focused on economic justice for women, and is acquiring herself a dick so she can make as much money as a man in her profession! OK, not really. The video’s premise is that if we can raise $30 trillion, we can pay every working woman in America the money she’ll lose for having a vagina. The money will go instead to NWLC, which crafts equal pay legislation and advocates for pay equality.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that the 78-cent pay gap figure has received some criticism recently, but I’ve already responded to that, as have (more importantly) economists like Claudia Goldin.

So donate! They’ve only raised about $80,000 so far and there are 24 days left in the campaign.

[NY Times]

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