New York City Wants To Make It Easier For Trans* Individuals To Change Their Birth Certificates

The New York Department of Health has proposed a new process by which transgender New Yorkers could change their sex on their birth certificates without having to get convertive surgery. Under the proposal, trans* citizens would only have to get an affidavit or affirmation from one of any number of healthcare professionals. City Councilman Cory Johnson has introduced legislation that would amend the language in the administrative code.

For a variety of reasons (access, desire, insurance, for a few), only a fraction of trans* individuals either elect to or can go through convertive surgery, so this proposal would give those individuals the various legal benefits associated with changing the sex stated on one’s birth certificate without forcing them to take on the cost of surgery. The next step, of course, would be to provide a gender-neutral sex option on birth certificates so that trans* and intersex individuals could be legally validated outside the gender binary, but this is nonetheless a huge step forward for New York. [Gothamist]

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