Man Murders Mother Of Three For Rejecting His Advances

Mary “Unique” Spears, a 27-year-old mother of three, had just left the funeral of a relative on Saturday when a man she’d never met began harassing her under the guise of wanting to ask her out. She was on her way to the Joe Louis Post rental hall in Detroit to continue memorial services with her family. The man, 38, asked Spears for her name and her number, but she wasn’t interested. The man continued to pester Spears throughout the evening until the bar’s security staff escorted him out. Around that time is when he grabbed and hit Spears. When Spears’ fiance intervened, the harasser pulled out a gun. He shot her once, and when she tried to run, he shot her two more times in the head. Then, the man turned his gun on the crowd and injured Spears’ fiance and four other members of the family. The five other victims are expected to heal, but Spears was killed. Thankfully, the man is currently in custody and expected to be arraigned on murder charges. Her family has set up a fundraising page to help pay for her funeral.

Her family was already in the process of grieving another relative when they lost Spears, and they’re now left to heal from their own shooting injuries and to worry about Spears’ three children who have to face life without her. All because some dude didn’t like the fact that she didn’t want to go out with him. How is this the kind of world we live in? I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore, considering the horrific headlines the world wakes up to every morning that run the gamut from domestic violence to terrorism to Ebola, but it still shocks me every single time.

Spears and her family woke up that morning thinking it would be an ordinary, if sad, day, and rightfully assuming that each of us have the right to choose who we do and don’t date, and now her children are suddenly without a mom. This situation is exactly why complaints about street harassment needs to be taken seriously. This is why plenty of women spend their daily walk to work in discomfort and/or fear. Spears’ situation started as seemingly harmless, just like an exchange with any cat caller on the street. Street harassment is not “just a compliment.” More often than not, it’s about control, and when this man couldn’t have any control over Spears, he took things to an extreme. A relative of Spears put it succinctly when she told Detroit’s Local 4 news station, “I’m scared to walk outside just because of that, and I’m scared that if I reject guys, he gonna shoot me now.” This is 2014, and this is the kind of threat women live with every day. Something has to change. [The Root] [Image via Facebook]